Contact Me

Hey Y’all!!  Thanks for stopping by.  I really appreciate that you want to get in contact with me.

So I’m sure you’ve left a comment to tell me how fabulous I am and how fabulous my blog is.  Right?  *wink wink nudge nudge*

For the most part this blog has centered around my writing journey.  If you want to contact me though about one of my other interests, like lets say basset hounds, tea, or knitting, that is awesome and incredibly cool and as long as you are polite and nice, I’m sure we will get along marvelously.

If you are contacting me in regards to reading your book and doing a review, please (pretty pretty please) stop by my goodreads page and get a solid understanding of what it is that I like and want to read. As a small recap, I love YA, romance, and fantasy.  Pretty much in that order, even better if they are mashed together.

Also if you are interested in hijacking my blog for an interview or to do a guest post, by all means I would love to expand into that area as well.  I am primarily interested in writing related guest posts.

Questions? Want to generously bestow wonderful ARCs upon me? Just wanna say hi?

You can e-mail me at:

I endeavor to get back to all inquiries as soon as possible, however I do bid you patience.

Have a wonderful day.


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